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Have a browse through some of the feedback we've received over the past 5 years.

James & Claire

We have been using Sarah from Happy Woofers services over the last year. She has helped us out with our Cocker Spaniel Buddy since a very young age. At first we had him being visited at various times on different days. As he got a bit older he started to go out on walks with Sarah which tired him out and kept him very well socialised with other dogs. Sarah has always been very accommodating with trying to fit us in at what is sometimes very short notice. Sarah has also been great with giving us advice on bringing up our puppy. Overall we are extremely happy with the services that Happy Woofers provide and would recommend them to any other dog owners looking for a helping hand.

Peter & Sarah

Happywoofers, the clue is in the name. Our dog Holly is a Sprocker Spaniel and has the ability to have boundless energy and will quite happily trot up mountains when we go on Holiday. With this, we were so happy to find Sarah and Happy woofers where we know that Holly is going to be well looked after during the day when we go to work. When Holly has been walked by Sarah, she is far more relaxed in the evening and she has lost any anxiety about being left during the day. When I have been at home and Holly has gone out for a walk she has gone out with real enthusiasm and is clearly very happy and excited to see Sarah and her friends. Sarah is incredibly accommodating and has been helpful with taking the extra day here and there and easy to contact.Happy Woofers, the clue is in the name. Our dog Holly is a Sprocker Spaniel and has the ability to have boundless energy and will quite happily trot up mountains when we go on Holiday. With this, we were so happy to find Sarah and Happy woofers where we know that Holly is going to be well looked after during the day when we go to work. When Holly has been walked by Sarah, she is far more relaxed in the evening and she has lost any anxiety about being left during the day. When I have been at home and Holly has gone out for a walk she has gone out with real enthusiasm and is clearly very happy and excited to see Sarah and her friends. Sarah is incredibly accommodating and has been helpful with taking the extra day here and there and easy to contact.


I have used Happywoofers several times for dog boarding and I am very happy with their service. The website is clear and informative; the prices are competitive: and my dog gets excellent care. He really looks forward to going there! I would definitely recomend Happywoofers to any dog owner looking for walks or boarding.


Very satisfied with the level of care Sarah gives to my dog. A real home from home, Sarah is so dedicated to the dogs in her care they go for lovely long walks and made to feel part of her family. the photos Sarah sends via e-mail of the dog walks are very nice to see. I would recommend Happy Woofers. Thank you Sarah for looking after Woody so well, its so nice to be able to leave him and not have to worry.


(Did you use the website to gain more information about the services offered?) No, but have looked since and it is very informative and the layout shows how professional you are. (Were you satisfied with the level of care that was given?) Very very much so. I have always used commercial kennels and although I have found them satisfactory I never knew if Barney had much time out of his enclosed run. With Sarah I know that he gets out and about as he needs and is properly cared for with company all the time. And, it is in a family environment which is exactly what he is used to. Photos received were an excellent reassuring touch. I do not hesitate to recommend Sarah.


(Were you satisfied with the level of care given?) Yes the dogs see it as a holiday for them! We felt confident to leave them but got regular updates. We would use Sarah again if we ever needed too.


I love the fact that Paddy gets a variety of walks – sometimes beach sometimes heathland or woods. He gets a good hour & is always so chilled & contented when I return home from work :)


Very pleased with level of care. Jazzy now stays with Sarah on a regular basis and she loves it! It is very reassuring to know how well she is being looked after and that she is in such a comfortable and friendly household. We would not hesitate to ask Sarah to look after Jazzy overnight or whilst we are on holiday, when the need arises.


The boarding environment is lovely for dogs – lots of space in the garden! Pixie was very happy to see Sarah so I know she is well looked after. She loves her walks and has made lots of friends! The services I’ve received have always been very well organised and reliable.


We are very happy with the professional friendly service provided by Happywoofers. They are reliable and Rudy looks forward to his walks with the other dogs. Have recommended their services to many of our friends who have dogs.

Claire & Steve

Sarah is very friendly, professional and flexible on drop off/collection times. It’s great to get feedback on Sandy’s visits and she’s always meeting new friends. The service offers ‘peace of mind’ at the times when our four legged friend has to go to day care!


Sarah was brilliant with Darcy, and with being a puppy she gave me lots of tips and advice. She was also very accomodating with changes in times and dropping/picking up. Darcy was a very happy pup in the care of Happy Woofers, thank you x

Rosemary & Dave

Holly always seems very happy with Sarah and her new friends. I also liked that Sarah was very organised in terms of making sure we were happy with the agreement and explained what we should expect from her service. The Dog Walking Report is the highlight of my week although some gold stars would be nice. Double Woof from Holly.

Hendy, Dave & Wally

Sarah is extremely friendly and caring and I can tell our Wally always has a great time when out with her or boarding at her house so whenever we go on holiday it is like he is having a holiday too. The notes and pics Sarah leaves/sends are also a really nice touch and help keep you informed as to how your pet is getting on whilst you’re not there. Sarah is also always very flexible which is great for us as we never know with much advance or certainty when we will need her but she always does her best to fit us in. All in all we are extremely happy with Sarah services and always recommend her to other people we know.

Nick & Jager

Were you satisfied with the level of service – “Yes very much so. I have had other dog walkers in the past and on some occasions Jager (my dog) would not want to go out with the dog walker if I was staying in the house. I do not have that problem with Happy Woofers as he is very keen to get out and about. I get a written report every walk which incudes the other dogs he is with, what was his behaviour and times and locations of each walk which I find reassuring. Happywoofers show alot of flexibilty in hours as my work can throw up unexpected late nights or overnights and that has been accomodated as much as possible by Happywoofers. It’s simple. I would recommend Happywoofers to any other dog owner if they are looking for their dog to come back happy and well excercised after each walk. Jager seems a happy dog.”

Enzo & Sue

Extremely! (satisfied) I was worried my dog would miss me, but in fact he was the one who had the holiday! Enzo and Sue – would definitely recommend your service, very grateful for all you did for us.


(Were you satisfied?) Yes, absolutley. Tito had a fantastic time and when we recieved pictures of him out on his walks it gave us peace of mind. Fantastic service, very friendly and would recomend to others.


Yes extremely happy. It has made it easier for me to be at work and know that murphy has had a good walk during the day. I’m so grateful to Sarah. I know murphy is in good hands.


At very short notice Sarah was able to look after Izzy and Arthur for us for a week. I was very impressed with her professionalism and can honestly say we were more than happy with the service she gave. Passing on some delightful photo’s of both Izzy and Arthur, they thoroughtly enjoyed their holiday as much as we did. I have passed on her details to a couple of friends and would have no qualms of using Sarah and her family again.


Excellent level of care – met dog’s needs in a professional but caring way. Photos of Lola on her holiday was lovely to see, really nice thought.


Barney our 4 yr old Chocky Labrador stayed with Sarah for a week, it was the first time we have left Barney in the care of somone before and can honestly say the experience for ouselves and Barney was great. Sarah has a well balanced service meeting the high expectations of any dog caring owner. I can say from experience it isnt easy leaving your dog with another person, but i can say without doubt that when you pick your dog up you will see how relaxed and comfortable they have been whilst you have been away. Our Barney as many dogs does not share a companion at home, so being with other Balanced dogs is a pleasure to see. To sum it up, you can trust Sarah and her familly to do a great job! Many thanks again.


Hi Sarah. Thank you for your feed back and also the photos…thank you also again for taking them on at such short notice, we were very grateful and felt very relaxed that they were in good hands!! Thanks again, we certainly would have no hesitation in recommending your services.


(Were you satisfied with the level of care given to your dog?) Yes. It was comforting to know that my dog was with other dogs and able to play with them which he loves to do and go on walks every day. I would never consider putting my dog in kennels and wasn’t aware until recently that there was this alternative. It is quite expensive but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. You are paying for your dog to be looked after in someone’s home and to interact with other dogs.


I can honestly say this was the best service i have ever received i could not have asked for a more caring person who looked after my dog and i would leave my kids with this lovely lady. When I found this web site I needed some one to look after my dog at short notice and when I spoke to sarah on the phone she is the most nicest person i have spoken to when i turned up sarah showed me around and i was very happy to leave my dog there my dog did not want to leave and she was well behaved for a puppy i can say you can trust sarah to care and look after your dog like it was her own and i will be using her again and she is the best dog person in town thanks again sarah from keith honey’s owner.


Sarah has been an absolute lifesaver for me with our dog Billy. He loves going on walks with her and it’s a real treat when he spends the day with her and Charlie! Billy will be staying at Sarah’s for two weeks this summer and I know that I will have no worries about how he will be cared for. The only problem I have now is I can’t walk past Sarah’s house without being dragged to the gate by Billy! I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to anyone. She’s reliable, accommodating and runs an excellent service.


Great service, Ruby was happy.


Were you satisfied with the level of care that was given? Yes, very much so. My dogs were happy and excited to go into your property, so I knew that they would be alright. I would be only too happy to have my dogs looked after by Sarah for any short term breaks.

Angie & John

Sarah has looked after Leo like a King! She is getting to know his ways and when I collect him he is so happy-He is nearly eleven and a bit stubborn as all spinones are but she loves him and even lets him sleep and snore in her lounge every night! I know he adores her and feel very happy when we go away and have to leave him and he loves Charlie especially and lets him sleep with him on his bed. I would recommend Sarah to anyone.


Were you satisfied with the service provided? Absolutely. Oscar was very tired but very keen to see Sarah again and I have even found him sniffing around her car to catch sight of her. Oscar was very well looked after and we felt Oscar was safe and cared for as we would.

Lorraine & Adrian

Pop In Service and Walk – Charlie, 6 months old. The service we received was fantastic
 we enjoyed reading the notes from everyday when we got home
 and we have photos sent to us as well.

Karen & Paul

(Were you satisfied with the level of care that was given) Absolutely! I feel that you have assessed Meg’s needs well and care for her accordingly. I think that Meg has definitely become more confident since your visits. I have been very pleased with Meg’s care. It is a great weight off my mind knowing that she will be well cared for whilst I am at work. I have also booked Meg in whilst we are away on holiday and can go away safe in the knowledge that she will be very well cared for. I appreciated the photos you sent of Meg whilst out walking on Canford Heath!

Mark & Julie

I’m really glad that I found ‘Happy Woofers’ through an internet search. The service is excellent, my dog ‘Tilly’ is very happy to stay, Sarah provides really good reports and pictures of Tilly’s walks/boarding, the facilities at her house are first class (safe enclosed garden, lots of room for dogs to play and rest both indoors and outside) and Sarah is most courteous. What more can I say,Tilly will be coming back soon!! More than satisfied, really delighted by the level of care, my whippet loves coming to stay and I feel relaxed knowing that she’s in such good hands.

Phillip & Janet

Our two lurchers spent the night with Happywoofers and I must say they were very well looked after and contented I would board them here again and recomend them. The level of care was excellent the dogs were very relaxed and happy when they were collected.


My dog Bella has attended daycare with Sarah while I am at work for the last 6 months since she was 8 months old. She thourghly enjoys her time at “school” and runs in every morning without a backward glance. Thankfully she is also very happy to see me every night when I pick her up or I would feel that she prefers her time at Happywoofers to staying at home with me. (She has been know to whine and run to the car when I am running late). I never worry about Bella when she with Sarah knowing that she will be well carried for by the entire family who all love dogs and keep her happy and safe. Sarah is fantastic taking my varied schedule in her stride and making me feel welcome not matter what time I come to collect Bella. Bella also goes and stays the odd weekend when I am going away – my only complaint is how little she seems to miss me.


I left my Cocker for the first time with Sarah and didnt worry about him at all. Sarah really looked after him so well and I loved reading the details of his stay and the photos…I look forward to using Happywoofers again.

David & Soraya

Very satisfied (with the service). As a dalmation owner it takes a lot to tire out our girl, so to pick her up and for her to sleep the rest of the day was an excellent sign that she had been walked well and had been able to run. While we were away i received a message telling us how she was getting on. We would love our girl to stay at happy woofers again as she got to stay with a great family and it helped her by mixing with other dogs as a pack. I will recommend to all dog owners.

Kathy & Michael

We have been very happy with Poppy’s care while we were away. She has always been unstressed upon her return and we have been reassured that she is in a responsible and caring environment. Living as part of a family, with human contact, is so important for dogs! Loved receiving the pictures! Thank you for looking after our dog so well and giving her such good walks! Poppy always sleeps very well after all the fresh air and playtimes!!

Harvey's Owners

As a couple who work long hours we needed a dog walker who could commit to 3 walks every week and someone we could really trust. Sarah has offered us this service in abundance and has accommodated all our requests. We love the daily feedback form which shows what time our dog was walked, where and even toilet activity – it’s all really useful info to know when you get home. Sarah takes Harvey on some really interesting and varied walks – he always comes back worn out! We would recommend Happywoofers to anyone who is looking for a friendly and reliable dog walker!

Rebecca & Sam

The dogs have been very well cared for and are always happy and settled when we get home. Very friendly and reliable service, always willing to help. Thank you!

Sarah & Will

Sarah you and your family made me feel very welcome when introducing our dogs and helped to put my mind at ease as boarding has been an idea I’ve toyed with for sometime. I felt totally reassured that you would treat them as one of your own family members. And I felt as though I was leaving them in the capable hands of a good friend. I loved your mini updates by text which not only made me laugh, but also reassured me further that they were having a fun time! Photos are a great representation of their character and I also strugle to get non-blury ones as they are like rockets when out enjoying their walks. We will definately be in contact in the future. I was very pleased with the attention to detail and interest in Louie and Evie’s normal everyday life, so that it could be replicated as much as possible. They are both truely knackered which i know is very hard to achieve with two crazy springers! Thanks again.


I was very pleased with how Loui was looked after. Sarah came to see us to discuss the arrangements to take Loui out for walks on two days for us. She was very organised and we felt pleased with the arrangements we put in place with her. I know Loui was a bit difficult to get in her car but she persevered and Loui had 5 lovely walks with her and his new friends. I loved the little notes she left when she bought him back and found them really useful. We will definitely be asking Sarah to walk Loui again. Knowing Loui was being so well looked after was worth every penny.I think Sarah went the extra mile to make sure Loui was well looked after.


I felt very happy leaving Ole and I knew he was in safe hands especially as Sarah was used to spaniels! Time was taken to show me around the garden and explain everthing in detail and ask questions about Ole to get to know him. It was a lovely touch to receive photos and a storyboard showing how he had enjoyed himself.


Very satisfied. Left 2 young terriers for a weekend stay. They were looked after excellently & Sarah kept us updated by text on how they were getting on to help put our minds at rest (we hate to leave them)! The home environment is brilliant – a home from home – & I was so happy to hear that the dogs had snuggled up on the settee with Sarah & her husband for the evenings. The dogs were even dropped off at home so were there on our return. What was even more brilliant was Sarah taking lots of photos over the weekend so we could see what they’d been up to. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sarah to look after your dogs. She’s a lovely, considerate, friendly person who understands dogs well & has a very good, secure, comfortable set up at her home for boarding dogs. I would class it more of a dog hotel actually! Very satisfied customer.

Gill & Les

Benji & Barney were very well cared for in a home from home environment. It is obvious from the photos how content they were. Thanks to Sarah for the extra problem of taking Barney to the vet and ensuring he got the treatment he required.


Very helpful website. Very reasonably priced. Very happy with the level of care. Thank you very much, much appreciated.

Kirsty & Giles

Thanks for having Max at the last minute, it was great for us, and for him as he seemed to have had a great time. It was the first time we have left him with someone other than my parents, and we were very reassured by you when we met, and after seeing Max when we picked him up I will not hesitate to leave him with you again. The pictures you sent over were also a lovely touch. Many thanks.


“I feel that ‘Happywoofers’ is the ideal name for the services you provide when it comes to caring for dogs. Rosie has boarded twice with you now – each time I know that she received the very best of care and each occasion has greeted you with dozens of tail wags. I could even go so far as to say that she is reluctant to leave. This tells me how happy she is with you. I can easily tell how well you get to know our dogs and their individual ways – you have a very professional way about you and I have every confidence in leaving Rosie in your hands. Thank you Sarah for looking after her. I shall be in touch shortly to arrange her next visit.


“From Woody - He was very happy and very tired…and misses his new friends. A good sign for me, that he had enjoyed his short stay at Happy woofers. Very satified, excellent A******”


I was very impressed with the high level of service that Sarah provided. I also appreciated the dog walk report letting us know where Lilah had gone and what she had been up to! the photos again were a nice touch showing us where she had been and with who. I would definitely recommend the service and would quite happily book Sarah again. Very satisfied Lilah was well looked after she came back very content. The help you gave us in collecting Lilah and dropping her back was most appreciated.


I feel very lucky to have come across Happywoofers. I have a sense of calm when I have left my dog Bill as I know he is well cared for. Sarah even updated me by text which I found reassuring as it was the first time I had left Bill for any length of time. Bill was walked twice a day and really enjoyed the company of Sarahs dog Charlie. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this service to anyone. I was more than satisfied with the level of care given to my dog Bill. He lived as part of Sarahs family so in that way it was home from home. He looked well and fit on my return.


Excellent dog walking. Very reliable. Cimba is very happy and looks forward to Sarah coming. She’s always punctual and cheerful. Each walk is over the hour and well worth the money.


(Pop in service for half an hour whilst Robbie’s owners were away for the day) I was extremely satisfied with the level of care given to Robbie. The effort made by Sarah in visiting beforehand and checking on all aspects of his care, especially at short notice, was very reassuring and her attention to detail on the day was exceptional. Both Robbie and I were very happy to have Sarah looking after him and I will use Happywoofers again in the future.

David & Rosemary

My wife and I were very worried about finding someone to care for Mickey before and during my daughter’s wedding. Mickey is a rescue dog, who came to live with us at the end of January. Although reasonably well behaved, he has a few anxiety issues and we didn’t want anything to set back the good progress he has made. Having found Sarah through the “dogwalkingnow.co.uk” website we made contact and booked him in. Three months prior to his planned stay, we visited Sarah and were very impressed by her professional approach and thoroughness. When we left Mickey, we were still apprehensive about how he would react, although we had total trust in Sarah’s ability to cope. We need not have worried, she looked after him so well, he would happily have stayed with her. There were no bad effects – in fact there were possibly some improvements in his anxiety behaviour. Sarah and her family clearly love dogs and it was good for Mickey to mix with different people and other dogs. I can’t thank Sarah enough and would recommend her without any hestitation.

Melissa & Andy

We were anxious about leaving Angus with anybody due to a previous bad experience, however Sarah was extremely reassuring and we felt confident in leaving him with her. On return, Angus was relaxed and seemed to thoroughly enjoy his stay, especially going on long walks and having the opportunity to play with other dogs. We will definitely be using Happywoofers again and would recommend them to anyone.

Patti & Nick

Absolutely (satisfied). Was reassured by your pre- stay walk and chat , and attention to detail. Loved the feedback letter after his holiday. Pyro was chilled out and happy when he came back home. Our dog loved his holiday. He was able to take his favourite toys & treats with him to happywoofers and got on well with the owners’s very chilled out dog. Happywoofers were careful in taking on and learning about our dog, and made sure back-up plans were made in case of emergency while we were away. We would recommend Happywoofers to friends.


Totally satisfied with the level of care that Fred, our Jack Russell Terrier received, and the professional and friendly way in which Sarah conducts this invaluable service. I would have no hesitation in sending Fred along to Happywoofers again, or recommending this family run business to a friend. We are so pleased to have found Happywoofers, and that Fred can be looked after in a home from home environment. Thanks to Sarah and Happywoofers. Sarah and Happywoofers seem to always go that extra mile!

Pam & Stuart

We were very happy to leave our two dogs with Sarah, they had a wonderful time and were treated as members of the family Obviously they are all dog lovers. We have booked them in again with Sarah for three weeks in October. We highly recommend “Happywoofers”


Can’t thank Sarah enough for walking Gem while we were away on holiday for a week. We left Gem with a family member but needed her exercised daily. Having never used a dog walking service before it was all new to us. We arranged a dummy run before the holiday – Gem instantly took to Sarah as did the family!!! We’ve returned to a very happy little dog and would recommend Happywoofers. Very pleased with the level of care that Gem received. Very reliable dog walking service. Gem has made a new friend in Sarah, as we all have!


Hi Sarah, thank you so much for looking after me, I had a great stay and I really enjoyed Charlie’s company and all the great walks we went on. My Mum says that my skin irritation is much better and she does remember me having it once before when I was left whilst she went off enjoying herself!! It must be my way of showing her! However yesterday I was clipped within a whisker of my skin awaiting all this hot weather we might have this summer!! The lady said I was in very good nick for someone of my age 11 in one week’s time. I shall look forward to my next stay with you and Charlie. Mum says thank you for all the pictures of me on my holiday with you I have shown them to my friend Boris the Beagle! With lots of love and licks Ozzie.


Sarah and the Happywoofers family were fantastic with our excitable little puppy whilst we were away on holiday for ten days. I found Sarah and her family very friendly and they all have a genuiene love for dogs. After a friendly and informal (yet indepth) talk with Sarah she new and understood what our dog would need whilst we were away. We were given updates and photos during our time away and a report on Beau’s stay when we returned to pick her up. I will continue to use the Happywoofers service for both boarding and dog walking.


I was really happy with the care that was taken. I was immediately put at ease and made to feel comfortable whilst my Bob was with them it was a nice family atmostphere and they treated Bob like part of their family which was really comforting for me. Bob came home and I knew that he was a happywoofer. I would recommend Sarah to look after your dog and will certainly be using them again. Thank you Sarah.


Our dog Scout stayed with Sarah and her family last weekend. Scout is a small dog and used to being part of the family, and so boarding her at kennels would have been wrong for her. Sarah was very friendly, and reassuring, and I felt very comfortable leaving Scout with her. When I picked Scout up, she had clearly had a wonderful time and was playing with the other dogs. She loved it. I highly recommend Sarah, and will definitely be taking Scout back for another holiday the next time I have to go away. Thank you Sarah.

Nicki & Claire

We visited Bournemouth for the weekend and pre-arranged by email and text message Happy Woofers to look after our dog for 3 hours. Roxy had a fantastic time and was worn out on her return (which is difficult with a Border Collie). We would definately book Happywoofers again on a visit to Bournemouth and are going to be reccomending this service to others. Any holiday makers looking for a few hours visiting places unaccesible for dogs should use this service.


I would like to express how happy I am with the service you have provided for Indie and Tia over the last couple of months. Anybody who is acquainted with me, knows that I treat my girls as family and I am very fussy about their care. However, I feel completely confident leaving them with you. This has been reinforced by your professional and caring manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other dog owners and have, in fact, already done so.


I am more than happy with the service i will definately be using Happywoofers again, this was the first time that I had left my dogs and Sarah kept me informed through out the week. I would just like to say a huge thank you to Sarah and her family for looking after my dogs, I will definately recommend to family and friends and will be using Happywoofers in the future.


You have been a huge help in looking after Bob. I was very worried about leaving Bob but as soon as he met you I knew he would be ok as you made a fuss of him and he semed to like you straight away. You provide a reliable,professional and incredibly flexible service. Your report after each walk is useful, informative and sometimes amusing. I like the fact that his walks are varied so he comes home happy and tired from a good run. I use Sarahs services twice a week and will definately be using her home boarding service when needed. I would highly recommend Sarah.


Sarah came to my rescue at short notice due to an unexpected injury. Not only was Sarah uttertly professional, reliable and trustworthy and she had a natural empathy for both our working springers. Sarah was totally flexible and really ensured that they had really good long walks. We could not have asked for more. This is fully endorsed by both our dogs who loved her. No more kennels for our dogs we will definately use Sarah for dog sitting when we are away. I cannot reccomend Sarah strongly enough.


I have been most happy with Sarah’s service and level of care given to my adorable Jack Russell Puppy. I was most worried about leaving Hugo with a total stranger, but I knew from the moment I met Sarah that I could trust her with my puppy and she reassured me from the start. I thought the report that you give after every walk was very good and helpful to know what my puppy did and behaved when I was not there. It helped to re-assure me that he was in safe care. I will definately use your services again next time I need it!!! Thanks again for your professional service.